Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How I Spent My Week

I definitely enjoyed my "time off" relaxing with Tom and the puppies. We didn't really do much of anything beyond a crazy day of house cleaning, work on the playroom and lots of puppy snuggling! Just how I like to spend my time :)  Among those lovely things I found out I have severe anemia, which is common in pregnancy, and am now taking a lovely iron supplement daily in addition to my prenatal vitamin. I had my 36 (almost 37..in two days) week doctor's appointment and little man is measuring almost 39 WEEKS! Holy COW! I may be giving birth to a linebacker here folks. We shall see. This was based off of my fundal height (top of the uterus) which they measure at each appointment. He's definitely jumped the scale I do believe and that probably explains why I feel like I do. Constant pressure, constant pain..and a heck of a lot of stretch marks :) On the plus side though, and this was a huge shocker to me as I've been eating like a frat boy, I finally LOOKED at the scale yesterday at the doctor's office. I've been closing my eyes each weigh in as I don't want to fixate on the number itsself, but she said it out loud yesterday so I had no choice but to know/look. I HAVEN'T GAINED A SINGLE POUND IN 4 WEEKS!!!! How cool/ strange is that?! I was thrilled! And then immediately wanted ice cream hahha :)

Anyways. I don't have much to say (our taxes STILL aren't done..oopsie) so I will leave you with some pictures from the past week ! Oh and btw..where did winter go? It's BEAUTIFUL here in central VA today!

THIS my friends is my favorite :) Up in the playroom (yes I realize my child won't USE the playroom on his own for years, but we still wanted a place to keep all the baby/kid toys and paraphernalia) Tom painted whiteboard paint and then framed out with some trim which he handpainted AND hand stenciled. He is so crafty sometimes I don't even know what to do with him. Those are crabs (EOD Insignia). He printed off a picture of a crab online, cut it out with his exacto knife, and painted them in ! Homemade stencil! He then hand drew the eyes, shell separation and added a red back to each crab. He is pretty awesome. Our son is a lucky little dude! And so am I :)

Tom adding a scoreboard he made from whiteboard paint and trim, for his dart board in the game room!

Loving on her wittle brother :)

YAY! One of our Christmas presents from my parents. They never used this pool table so dad drove it up to us here in VA from MO during the holiday! WE LOVE IT ! And Tom is GOOD.

36 and some change. Measuring 39 weeks. he's low..and he's large. And there's my stretch marks in all their glory.

Black hurrr, don't currrr. Finally back to my "normal" hair. Never let me go blonde again. Just not do-able with a baby.

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ThisLittleMomma said...

It's crazy to think that baby could come at any second!! AAWWWWW... can't wait to see him!