Monday, March 26, 2012

Introducing Mr. Oliver Stone

It's been quite the past month and a half (almost two months..oops) here in Sarah land. I left off here on the blog taking a break to enjoy the last few weeks of being US before becoming mommy and daddy. I don't have time at the moment for a full fledged birth story but I'll run down the basics.

Around the 6th of February I started having pretty regular contractions. We're not talking Braxton Hicks (although those were much more fun) but we're talking the full're about to have a baby contractions. Anddd they hurt. BADLY.

After multiple trips to L&D (at this time I was fully effaced but eternally stuck at 1cm) I hit a huge brick wall I like to call OVER IT. Yep. I was over it. Over the pain, over the false alarms, over the nurses in L&D giving me that look of "her again" each time my Dr. sent me in to be monitored and most of all over NOT having my baby yet going through all the pain for no apparent reason. As you can imagine it was a very trying and stressful week. I needed to decompress. So I did, we did. Stayed off of Facebook because let's face pregnant as I was at that time people heckling me and constantly asking questions was the LEAST desirable thing life could have offered me. We enjoyed nights..dinner dates and of course the hysterical tactics to attempt to "induce" labor even though I had been in non-progressing labor for what felt like YEARS. Anyhoo.

Fast forward 10 days.

We spent the day as we normally would, me at home sulking over Lifetime movies and Ellen, and Tom at work. That evening I decided I wanted to test out the jumping jack theory. Yes, I did jumping jacks..military style. Tom had to teach me how because frankly I can't remember ever doing them before in my life. That was a sight to see I'm sure. Believe it or not..the belly and extra 60 pounds actually made me MORE balanced. I knocked those puppies out of the park. We did about 50. Tom nearly died, but that is neither here nor there. After the jumping jacks I had a few contractions that were related more to my front than my back like the one's I'd previously been having so I decided to take it a step FURTHER. I crawled. Like a dog. Everywhere I went the rest of the night. Let me tell you..if you decide to attempt this pregnant or not pregnant for whatever reason, I suggest staying OFF hardwood floors..or investing in a good set of knee pads. LOVELY.

All of that sounds insane, and it was ..but it worked. 2:30 ish that next morning I woke up to KILLER contractions. We headed into L&D and were hooked up to be monitored. Basically notta was happening..typical. BUT my blood pressure just so happened to skyrocket..sooooo...INDUCTION it was :)

After 48 hours of pitocin (which wasn't as evil as people make it out to be).... I gave birth to the most beautiful little boy in the world. 7 pounds 2 ounces and 21.75 inches of the besttttt thing that could have EVER happened to me and to us.

Oliver Stone Centeno

My sweet little boy is almost 6 weeks old already..weighs in at 10 pounds 2 oz as of his one month birthday, and is a whopping 24 inches long! 

Hopefully, between nap times and diaper changes I'll find a way to come back here and write about our lives and how Oliver is growing and thriving :)

oh and ps.. sorry for any name confusion..butttt when you know you know ;) definitely an Oliver through and through! 

Thanks for all the love and support!!!


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Jane's Daughters said...

Haha that was funny to read about you doing jumping jacks and crawling all over your house at full term. You had never told me that story! I miss you Sarah! Need a phone date when Oliver lets you have a few ;)