Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Taking a bit of a break!

With baby time being JUST around the corner (induction date is literally 22 days away..and my "hunch" for when little man is going to come on his own is less than 10), I've decided to take a tinyyy break this week from the blog world. I've got to pack our hospital bags (STILL..hello procrastination), spend a little one on one with the pupps and Tom and file our dreaded taxes. Yuck.

BUT I will soon be back hopefully next week with some progress..cross your fingers..and good news from the doc! Little dude better stay put until the 1st because mama's got a hair appointment. You hear that in there peanut?



KendelRichards said...

hahaha you must look FAB when giving birth!! :) Praying for an uneventful week for you guys!

Tom and Sarah said...

Girl they say if you look good you feel good..and I'm gonna be needing a LOT of the feel good after all that happens hahaha !!! Thank you ;)