Sunday, January 15, 2012

PinAddict: Going Pinning Crazy !!

Here's a few things I've pinned recently! 
Sureeeee it doesn't LOOK like a lot, but then again I can't spend 10 hours on the blog today posting the oodle's of gems I find on a daily hourly basis! 

Enjoy ;)

Via Lemon Squeezy

Free Printable for those TERRIBLE parkers! I know we've got tons of "I suck at parking" offenders up here in the 'Gin! Definitely printing these asap.

Via Makeup Geek  
MOROCCAN OIL! I loveeee this stuff. This whole "pregnant funk" I've been in the past oh..9 months has my hair looking scary. Note to self : Must order SOON!

Via The Little Giggler

YES. I will do this. I'm shocked my own Momma didn't/hasn't used this on my sister and I at all. Mom? Dad AND Erica (and all of your "adopted" children) should see least once a week :)

DVF Chevron dress Via Atlantic-Pacific
Hello Lovely. I can't wait to wear real/cute/adorable/tight/SIZE ANYTHING BUT WHALE clothing. 
Dear Baby, Please weigh 10 pounds and take all of your 35 other "lb" friends with you on your way out? 
Love, Mom.

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Meredith said...

I'm in love with the parking sign. Mine just wouldn't me that nice! ;)