Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pregnant Pitty Party. Guest list, Me.

Expires on my Due Date! Which really is closer to the 16th now.

Today is one of those days. I've got my induction date (roundabout anyways) from the doctors and now I literally sit here and dwell on the time. The nursery is complete. The house, a waste to deep clean now with a messy husband and two furry dogs. Shopping, out of the question. Decorating and organizing the house, also..primarily done. So now I just sit. This place is miserable as it is in the middle of NO where. The weather isn't nice enough to go outside and walk without being bundled like a snowman, and my only friend here who I hang out with is also feeling the pregnant misery. I feel like a whale and LORD HAVE MERCY if I go through my Facebook pictures from oh..9 months ago I'm liable to cry myself into next week. Pregnancy changes your body in ways NO one ever likes to tell you upfront. All those people who can get by with "the glow" are full of shit. Oh and the "glow" is really SWEAT from hauling my fat rear end up and down the stairs all day. Yes.. one flight. I'm a mess.
Don't mind me..just chillin on the beach.

SO long story short. I'm bored. Annoyed with time going by so slow and feel like I can't enjoy the rest of my "alone" time because of my stinky mood. I know I know, those of you reading this who have been there done that are'll miss this. I'm sure I will. What I won't miss? Not being able to eat a full meal without wanting to die of suffocation immediately after, getting up a million times during my "sleep" (HA) to pee 10 times because my child is using my bladder as a punching bag, not being able to walk up the stairs or heaven forbid even get out of BED in the mornings because my bones (in a not so special place) feel as if they could crumble and POOF into a dustball at any time.. and definitely MOST definitely won't miss the false labor/practice labor/NOT REAL LABOR contractions that decide to hit me in the back and stomach on an hourly basis.

Thank you for letting me vent. 

NOW. Onto brighter things.

(excuse the bi-polar feel of this post, this is my world folks..ain't always swingsets and rainbows)

Wanted to share with y'all a fun little blog my wedding planner Meredith and her husband Jake have started called Reilly and Copper! Mer (or LA MER as I like to call her) lives in Franklin, TN, near Nashville, and is as I said an event planner! Jake owns his own landscaping company called Elements of Eden, and the two little cuties have two fur babies Reilly and Copper. 

Jake, Meredith and Reilly (Copper is a new installation to the Zeller Fam)

They started this blog, which focuses on both lifestyle, DIY, various projects around their home and yard and the chronicles of their adorable doggies here recently. I'd love for you to go check them out and see all the fun things they do together :) I have to hand it to Meredith..if Tom were home all day everyday with me I'd probably be in jail..and there would DEFINITELY be one less x-box in the world ;)

Today Mer&Jake have put up one of their "Spark Boards" which is an inspiration board they create before doing any home projects and re-decorating to "Spark" some creative flow :) Catchy huh? 

Today at R&C they're showing off their most recent Spark Board for their living room re-do. The transformation is ABSOLUTELY amazing from when Meredith first lived in their home what it is today! Totally chic, elegant and very well put together.

You can see it here!!!

Anyhoo, head over and check them out..let them know that I sent you and subscribe to their feed!!! AWESOME stuff ;)

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Meredith said...

Thanks for the awesome feature La Sar!!!! You're the best! I hope we can keep everyone entertained and inspired! :) xoxo, La Mer