Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Feeling Blessed : Saxton's Baby Shower

As many of you know Tom and I live verrrry far from either side of our families. Eighteen hours separates me with mine, and his is scattered from Wisconsin to California. Unfortunately due to some of the lovely complications pregnancy has brought upon us (hey thanks son), we were unable to go to Missouri for a "real" baby shower as we had planned. Luckily I am fortunate enough to have some amazing people in my life who weren't going to let me go showerless :)

My good friend Nicole and my sister Erica decided they'd throw me a baby shower by mail! How cool of an idea is that? To make it feel more like a "real shower", Nicole made some wishes for baby sheets that guests could fill out and send back with their gifts, as well as a "guess how big the belly is" game where they could attach a piece of string to represent how big they thought my belly was! Awesome ideas. Awesome people. So exciting!

Here's a picture of the invitations designed by Nicole ! You can check out her work and life over at her blog This Little Momma ! She also does custom paper goods as well as interior design if you're interested !

On Dec 4th we had our "shower". I know I know..that was over a month ago and I'm JUST now getting to writing about it. Throw me a bone here folks..I am growing a child you know ;) The night before Tom and I were running some errands and he told me that we absolutely HAD to go to Party City. I said okay and after our Target grocery run we headed there. I wasn't allowed out of the car of course, decoration nazi had to surprise me (I HATE SURPRISES BY THE WAY!!). He comes back to the car with balloons and bags filled to the brim with shower goodies for me! So sweet. Anyhoo. He spent all morning decorating the living room for me and our guests (we had a few friends from the area over to watch us open gifts) and also prepared the banner with our little man's name on it. This would be the first time anyone beyond he and I knew what the name was, so that detail was pretty important and AWESOME :) We skyped with my parents, sister and my aunt while we opened presents and laughed out loud at my dad cussing some sporting event in the background ;) Oh grandpa.

Here's a few of the pictures of our shower decor and little tid-bits from that special day. Thank you to all of our family and friends and Nicole and Erica for thinking of us from so far away. We are truly blessed and so is little Sax to have each and every one of you in our lives! 

The Name Reveal :) Saxton Boone Centeno!

Some of the loot!

Daddy working hard on putting the stroller together!

More goodies :)

THE FIRST monogrammed pieces! Guess his name is FOREVER Saxton!! You hear that Tom? No more changing buddy!! This adorable ensemble is courtesy of my friend Ava! Check out her shop on facebook ;) Designs by Two Greek Sisters 

Shower day Bump ! Excuse the builder beige on the walls. This was pre-renovation paint!

MORE fun goodies!!!

Some of Daddy's awesome decorating :) iPhone pics..gotta love em!

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elpike said...

You two are so adorable! That was so nice of your family and friends to be so understanding. Love the invites!

As far as monogramming goes, I refuse to tell anyone if we do ever pick a name until after she's born. We had so much monogrammed before Macie was born, there was no going back (and I had second thoughts last minute!). That being said, his monogrammed gear is adorable - love it! :)