Saturday, September 8, 2012

Summer Recap

Hi friends! I've been so MIA from my blog for months, it's sad..but I'd like to think I'm just leaving some mystery to your neglect? okay, I can live with that.

Needless to say the summer has been crazy busy and fun! To start where I last left off...

We took a family vacation to NYC to spend Father's day with our friends Sarah & Bob and their 3 children. We did a bunch of touristy things (Statue of Liberty, CRAZY subway rides, 9/11 Memorial, Girls night out @ Serendipity) and a lot of hanging out and just enjoying good conversation over great coffee. I can't say I was a huge fan of the city itself (which probably is attributed to my high anxiety postpartum and the insane amount of people flinging towards me with zero care that I had an infant strapped to my chest) but there were so many magical places to explore and I have a feeling if I would have visited back in my single days I would have lived there.

July was mainly spent focusing on Oliver, which is my favorite way to spend my time :) Lots of playing, walks around the neighborhood and his new favorite thing..TV. I said I'd never be THAT mother but hey when a 30 minute tv show about colorful and hilarious bubble guppies ensures that mama is awake the entire day (aka coffee and breakfast) I'm down. Oliver and I spent most of July in Missouri while Tom had a month long training TDY in Richmond. Grammie and Grampie and Aunt Gigi were all very very busy during our stay but we still loved seeing them and I know they loved seeing us, even at 3 am when I would stumble into the kitchen to make Ollie a bottle.... right Erica? :) Only one pic from this trip, my iphone took a tumble down the stairs one night..OOPS! Wish we lived closer, we really miss you guys! Missing my friend Terra too...

August.. I'm not even sure where to start with this one. Oliver turning 6 months, Tom super busy with work..and as for me.. August was the month where I finally found myself again. Being pregnant and having a baby all while settling into a new home in a new state, with a relatively new marriage is rough on anyone. Throw in a bad case of post partum depression and clinical anxiety and you have the last year of my life. Don't get me wrong, sister loves her sweatpants and yoga pants but I was NEVER the girl who went out of the house looking like a hot mess. This past month, reason basically unknown.. I've finally started getting back to the old me. Makeup, hair, giving two shits about how I look has really been important to me. I missed it, and I am SO thankful to have that back. My "star" has finally peeked out from behind it's dark cloud!

Enough about me..

Oliver is almost 7 months old. SEVEN. How does that even happen? They, whoever THEY are..weren't lying when they say time flies when you have a baby. It's been the most filled..BEST time of my life and I am so grateful to God that he chose me to be this little boy's mama. You truly don't know love until you have a child, does this mean I want more? Ask me in about 5 years. HA! 

My sweet boy is topping the charts for growth at a whopping 32 inches, 20 lbs. Tall and skinny.. just like his Aunt G! He's crawling, says mama/dada/baba and is working on the word bubble. Thanks bubble guppies ;) He also is pulling up, standing up and grabbing onto anything that gives him a better view of his surroundings and even tried to take a step on his own last week. I'm in trouble my friends.

This is turning into a novel and that's not exactly what I intended it to be but one last thing. Last weekend the world lost a great great man and my heart hasn't stopped aching for his family and any single person he has known.. If you follow me on facebook you've probably seen my posts and status updates regarding this tragic loss.. Please pray for his family and friends. Blaine was laid to rest today and I know it in my heart he's not RESTING at all :) I am so blessed to have known you, even if you kicked my ass at guitar hero and made me cry over you a few times (ha ha) and I can't wait to see you again Blaine.

Please view the memorial video below.. All proceeds will go to the Blaine Whitworth Memorial Scholarship. You can not only see but truly feel the impact Blaine had on the lives of many.. 

                                                "A heart so big God couldn't let it live"

                                                                Rest in peace my friend..



Leisa Janeen said...

its crazy how much oliver has grown!!! and its so sad with everything that has happened to blaine.

elpike said...

Nice to see you back in the bloggie business! I feel ya in regards to "finding yourself" again. It took a good six months for me too. I know you had a lot going on with Oliver, and I applaud you for making it out alive. :)

The only way is up from here and I guarantee it won't be five years before you're ready for another little babe. I said I was never having another after Macie and look at me now - I would like three (total).

Finally, I am so sorry about your friend. Sometimes things just happen that can't be explained, we just have to remember that God has a plan. Those horrible people will get what they deserve. It doesn't make it any easier thinking this way, I know. I will pray for you, as well as all of his friends and family.

{{{hugs, friend}}}