Monday, June 4, 2012

I'm Still Here..

Don't have much time to catch up, but I'll sum up our lives in a few sentences.

Oliver is long.
Oliver has grown out of 5 sizes of clothing since birth, 4 diaper sizes (NB-Size 3).
Tom works a lot.
Sleep is actually among us (thank you sweet boy).
Anyone looking to adopt 2 sweet doggies?
We are ready to move back into the city.
Traveling to NYC Father's Day weekend won't make ^  any better.
Oliver's FIRST TOOTH made it's appearance yesterday :) Early teething= kind of fun..mostly not.
I need more Starbucks.
I hate summer and the heat.

anddddd of course a sweet pic to keep you hanging till next time (which probably will be in a month..or 6 knowing me)...
Afternoon nap with Sophie :)

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