Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September Wish List & A fun Swap!!

Per the usual.. today's nap time has been spent pinning. In my defense though, I did clean the kitchen in its' entirety this morning while Ollie played in his high chair with his new favorite toys; Spatulas. Easy kid. I love it. 

Here's a few of my favorite things.. things that I probably need to own. Just sayin. 

via Bourbon&Boots
 Johnny Cash.. what a smart man. At $42 bones..I do believe my neck needs to see this little love in the near future.

via Rachel Roy

People Love You bangle by Rachel Roy.
What a sweet little reminder to look down at !

via Tory Burch

 The Robinson Satchel by Tory Burch. No words needed. Lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve
 How cute is this?! I could probably make it myself, but then again I've got a weird thing with the smell of burlap (puke) so maybe I shouldn't.. hmmmmmm... 

You can find this little cutie @ ModernRusticGirl's Etsy shop.

EVIL EYE EVIL EYE EVIL EYE. I love them all but I'm gonna go with the tan one being my favorite. Oh etsy..you did it again.
via BeMeJewellery
via The Mitten State

Errrr Duh. 

AND NOW.....Dun dun dunnnnn

It's time for a bloggie swap! After brainstorming with my good buddy AmberDawn over at A Happy Wife with a Happy Life who just recently did a SUPER fun scarf swap (hello genius), I've decided to do a fun swap for fall of my own! 
In honor of my one true love, Pumpkin Spiced Lattes..(sorry Tom?) I'm going to host a coffee cup swap! 
  • $15 Limit
  • Shipped out by October 1st! 
Email your address to me via stone.nashville@gmail.com by Friday 9/14 if you want to be involved (which you do..trust me) and then the fun will begin! 
Happy Sipping My Friends! 



elpike said...

Love! I'm in - I'll shoot you an email!!!

Happy Wife said...

Yay for coffee!!! and a swap ;)

Happy Wife said...

ps I love the necklace, and the bracelet, and the purse, and the tshirt!!