Sunday, November 20, 2011

What A Crazy Week

Just to recap the past week of our lives, which has been absolutely hectic from start to finish, goes a littttttle something like this.


Started nanny job with the sweet family in Richmond. Love love love them and their sweet baby girl Sophia. Day goes perfectly, happy baby..happy nanny..happy parents.


Second day with Miss Sophia also goes perfectly. Noticed some back pain but chalked it up to the pure fact that I haven't worked in nearly 8 months. Also notice my rings are a bit tight, and my hands/feet feel tight and painful also. Put a call into my midwife and the general consensus was that it should go down if I prop my feet up, and to lay off the salt (do these people know who I am?! Stone family= Salt Feine's!) No big deal, go about our day and that is that. Head home and notice that I'm still fairly swollen all over, and my heart is pretty much racing. Take my BP and it's a bit higher than I'd like it to be so I take a hot bath and early to bed.


Holy swollen body Batman. I wake up to head to work and notice that I can't even get my rings OFF my fingers to wash my face/hands and my feet look like they could belong to some sort of monster in Frankenstein. Here we go with the issues. Was basically MISERABLE all day at work.  Poor Soph was having a restless day and I can't even tell you how many times I was up and down the stairs continually to put in her paci, rub her back and various things to try her to get back to her nap (major 12 week growth spurt). Needless to say I was beat and when you do too much, especially pregnant, I've come to notice that your body does not lie. After 14 braxton hicks contractions in a 6 hour period, I knew I was in for it. Swelling was bad. Pain was bad, and I was ready to go to sleep. Head home and repeat my hot bath/early to bed combination and this time threw in some tylenol in hopes to soothe my pains.


Kind of a back story here with this one involving our home flood. After the restoration company pulled up the kitchen cabinets for removal and floor replacement, they notice the big bad BLACK MOLD has created a home all over our kitchen floors. Apparently when the ServPro company came the day after our lovely little incident they weren't able to successfully dry out the entire kitchen thus leading to the mold. Black mold is bad for anyone, but being pregnant causes your immune system to be compromised..aka..this was a huge scare. My midwife decided that it would be best that I head to see a perniatologist, a doctor specializing in high risk pregnancies, simply to have a more extensive ultrasound to check on our sweet baby. Black mold exposure can cause fetal asthma in utero, respitory issues with the "host" (that would be me) and many other scary things that can stunt fetal development.

Today would be my long awaited appointment with the Peri to make sure things were right on track and to confirm the exposure to mold was not an issue. I would go into work after my appointment and the day would be normal beyond that. You plan, God laughs.

Our ultrasound was perfect. Baby S is looking perfect and content in my womb and was measuring a week ahead so our new due date is 2-23 rather than Leap Day. Excellent. The concern? The 14 braxton hicks contractions I had the day prior, as well as my fluid intake/output. Thus leading us to the remainder of the day in and out of the lab for blood draws. I was sent home with a pretttyyy orange jug that I would be housing in our refridgerator for the next 24 hours. Yep, we're talking urine collection here folks. 24 hours worth. You'd be surprised how much you actually pee during that amount of time! It's insane and I literally felt like Juno carrying this thing (too bad it wasn't full of Sunny D).

As of right now, I'm on bed rest for the remainder of the pregnancy unless of course my results come back passing with flying colors, which then I'll be switched to modified which would be ideal. This means that I had to quit my job, yes..the one I just started days before this all happened, cancel our "baby moon" to NYC the first weekend of December..and amp up my DVR schedule for the next 12 weeks. The doctor is concerned with swelling and my potassium/sodium levels and thinks I may soon be heading down the road of preeclamptic joy. Lovely. Best thing to know is that Baby S is perfect, I'm going to be okay and the doctor's are being very proactive and pre-cautious to the situations at hand. We'll get through it. Thanks for all the prayers and support you all have given! Baby S loves you already..and so do we !



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