Sunday, November 20, 2011

Daddy vs. Nursery

Being that I can't do much physically right now, Tom is in charge of the heavy lifting/manual labor in getting Baby S's nursery all set up :)

A few weeks ago we went and found the PERFECT changing table (and a few other awesome pieces..oops) at a lovely place in Mechanicsville called Through The Garden Gate. This is not only an antique MOTHERLOAD..but the owner has her own beautiful collection of hand-antiqued/shabby chic items that she and her husband create and upcycle. I am slightly obsessed with this place and they are the cutest and sweetest people we've met so far here in VA. Pam is probably who I'll turn out to be in about 15 years and that my friends, is ONE COOL LADY! She is seriously good as gold..and has an eye for all things beautiful! Go check 'em out yourselves :)

Anyways.. all of these lovely pieces arrived to our house this afternoon (yes..they state of course) and we were anxious to get the nursery uncluttered and somewhat in order. Here are some pictures of Daddy getting things situated and put together. Most everything is still in it's box, but he did manage to get the changing table knobs switched out and the mamaroo put together while I sat on the floor and took tags off of clothes (which I may add Baby S is going to be STYLIN..and never..ever..will "I have nothing to wear" come out of his little mouth ha ha).  Hope you enjoy...and be on the lookout for much more to come !!

 AWESOME Vintage Door turned memo board/chalk board :) This little gem now sits in our office (shown here..which will soon have a deep navy wall paint) and will HOPEFULLY help me keep our bills more organized. Definitely not one of my finer traits.

When my dad visits for Christmas, he's coming a week prior to my momma and sister, he's building us some awesome window seating with built in storage and doggie crates under our kitchen bay window! This will serve as a breakfast nook/table. So excited !

Bianca scoping out the new furniture.

It looks small in the photo, but this bad boy is our changing table/dresser that will be used for Baby S! It's originally a sideboard for a dining room (note the wheels) but it's excited to be used as a changing told me so!

Daddy removing the old knobs to replace with the new.
LOVE the new knobs we picked out at Hobby Lobby for the changing table. The original one's were lovely..but I'm always trying to find ways to put "my touch" on a piece :)

This little beauty is a side table that will be used next to our rocker for those late night feedings :) The crate on top will be used as a decorative place to store little tiny baby things!

Starting the Mamaroo construction!
Most of my time in the nursery today was spent on the floor, tearing tags off of clothing and preparing them for their first washing! It's amazing how even the smallest task makes it feel more real ! Also, please note the perfect little KU onesie on top :) Rock Chalk!
Daddy putting the final touches on the Mamaroo. Which by the way is the COOLEST baby swing ever.    

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Booo.. on the KU! I can't wait to play with the Mamaroo!