Thursday, November 10, 2011

First Post. 24 weeks, Hello Viability!

Hello family and friends :) Thanks for stopping by! I will be honest and say I'm not awesome at keeping up with a blog (I've tried before and it was a definite failure on my part)'s to hoping I'm able to keep this one in check :)

Just to update everyone on Baby C, who by the way has a name..but that's a secret until his arrival..

We have reached viability!!! 24 weeks is a huge milestone for any pregnancy. At this time the baby has a chance to survive outside of the womb if for some reason I were to deliver early. With saying that..we definitely want him to stick in there until the end but it's definitely reassuring to know that it's possible our little man could survive in the NICU if he were to come early as of now! 

AND now.. even though his name is under wraps..for monogramming purposes (since I know some of you love that just as much as I)..his initials ARE......

drumroll please?


andddd it's NOT sebastian for those thinking they've been dooped ;) 

In other news, Tom's job is going well. His schedule right now is kind of stinky with night incident training which means super super late nights (some nights 3 am is when he gets home) but beyond that he's enjoying being an instructor and a mentor to his students. He's definitely a leader and this job is perfect for him. Now if we could only get to LOVING Virginia as much as his job than we'd be in a great place :)

We are still calling the hotel our "home" for now. Hopefully we can look at moving back into our house this weekend and can consider the house "new again" by December 1st. I'm starting back to work as a nanny next Monday and the family I'm working for lives in Richmond. The drive from our house isn't too terrible at around 25 minutes, but from our hotel it's nearly an hour and a half! Hoping moving back home this weekend pans out so I don't have to waste so much time/gas commuting. I can't wait to go spend some time with an adorable little girl named Sophie, 3 months old, and eventually be able to bring Baby C to work with me upon his arrival. They are a super sweet family and I'm definitely looking forward to the opportunity of helping them out!!

Well that is all for now. I hope you all enjoy our blog.. and I hope even more that I can keep up with it so you all have some interesting, entertaining and sometimes just down right silly material to read during your free time ;)



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